Chromatographic Silica Gels

Zeochem’s chromatography silica gels are (amorphous) porous silica gels in various forms (irregular, beads, spherical) used as analytical and industrial column packing materials for the filtration and/or purification of biopharmaceuticals, APIs, intermediates, nutraceuticals, food and beverage, and cosmetics.

zeochem packaging

R&D to process Scale packaging possibilities

In order to allow our customers greater flexibility we now supply a small pack portfolio to complement our bulk supply.

This not only allows laboratory and preparative scale customers to also benefit from Zeochem high quality purification materials , but also allows production scale users convenient scale up volumes for pilot plants.

Packaging Options
zeochem R&D

The Zeochem Difference

  • Batch to Batch Reproducibility
  • Wide Range of Selectivity Options
  • Range of Moisture Contents
  • Chemical and Mechanical Stability
  • Loading Capacity
  • Large Scale Batches (kg to multi-ton)
  • Narrow Particle Size Distribution
  • Unsurpassed Service & Support
  • Swiss Dependability
  • Innovation through R&D
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