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Zeochem is a premiere global manufacturer of Chromatography Gels, Molecular Sieves, Deuterium Labelled Compounds and Specialty Zeolites. With roots in Switzerland, we have a culture of quality and customer service. When it comes to meeting productivity and performance requirements, Zeochem strives to provide excellent, responsive service, consistent and high-quality product, and the expertise to help you find the best solution for your process.

Zeochem facility

Why Zeochem

A Leading Global Manufacturer

Zeochem is a leading global manufacturer with 40 years experience in the production of high purity Chromatography Silica gels. With roots in Switzerland, we have a rich culture of environmental sustainability, customer service and high quality products.

Due to our consistently high quality and reproducible results Zeochem Chromatography Silica Gel has been used for decades in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, natural products, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fine chemicals, food and beverages.

Zeochem silica gels can be relied on to ensure your separation process delivers high yields and purity, each time, every time.

zeochem packaging

Swiss Manufacturing

R&D to process Scale packaging possibilities

In order to allow our customers greater flexibility we now supply a small pack portfolio to complement our bulk supply.

This not only allows laboratory and preparative scale customers to also benefit from Zeochem high quality purification materials , but also allows production scale users convenient scale up volumes for pilot plants.

Packaging Options
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Swiss Precision

High quality material made with Swiss precision

New state of the art production facilities in Bosnia Herzegovina with hundreds of tons capacity comes with expansion possibilities to cater for increased market demand and guaranteed continuity of supply.

Our R&D team based in our Swiss Centre of Excellence are on hand to support technical needs, including custom solutions for difficult separations or purifications.

All Zeochem plants are ISO certified and run continuous improvement programs to ensure the highest quality product consistently.